Monday, July 28, 2008

Sugar and Spice....Eleven Months

Trying again... I liked these a lot better. I thought these captured her personality really well. She is so much fun. Sorry there are so many, I had a hard time choosing.

I'm sure that someone is about to get on my case about there being more pictures of Chloe than Emma... I was going to do pictures of Emma today but she wanted to wear the same outfit Chloe did... Not so cute on a five year old. But really, Chloe is showcased on here because Emma is showcased in life. The kid definitely loves the spotlight. So, this is a case of the second child seeking justice for the second child. Making sure Chloe doesn't fade into the wallpaper.

Wonder what Aunt Denise will say about this one :).




Anonymous said...

those pictures are soooo good. there is a photo contest for parenting magazine, enter one on their website!!


Anna said...

chloe is so cute! i love these pictures! :)
love you guys and miss you.

becky said...

awwww...i love baby girls!! come take pics of mine!

Michael and Hannah said...

You need to frame that one of her leaning down to touch her toes in the tu-tu!!

Anonymous said...

I can't help it that everyone always likes me better! JK. You sure do make beautiful babies. I love you baby sister. Love Denise

JAY said...

i LOVE these Dana... all of them. You can really see her personality shining through. They're great! :)

The Tyree Family said...

Oh my goodness! They are even better than I thought from talking to you - and I knew they would make my heart melt just from that. I'm going to look at the color ones right now. She's a doll - the tutu was such a good idea. Adorable!!!!

Tina and Jim said...


The pictures are WONDERFUL. They brought a smile to not only my face, to to my heart.

Looking forward to more pictures of both girls in the future.

On a side note, I look forward to meet you face-to-face.

Enjoy the blessings of each day! God is good all the time....all the time God is good.


Tony and Susan said...

my favorite is the one of her standing and leaning down! you are so stinkin' talented!

Anonymous said...

Wow....She is so beautiful!!! I want to meet her. Pam

Tammy said...

What great pictures! Thanks for sharing! I love the one of her covering her mouth laughing. Too cute. You get my vote for the contest!