Monday, March 17, 2008

My Plan is better than Bush's plan

Ok, I have two different things on my mind here and I think that they are related but I'm not actually sure. But for now, I think this going to be pretty long, so I'm going to touch on one and I'll do a part two later. This will probably end up being one of those posts that is just my stream of conscience. I'm not promising great writing here. So those of you that are fiercely loyal friends and family and read everything that I post no matter what because you want to support me, thank you so much! I value your friendship and appreciate your support. But, if this bores you, I won't feel betrayed if you don't read it all. Every now and then, I get something on my mind and I end up laying awake at night trying to form a strategy (like someone in Washington is going to hear it) so I'm hoping that getting it down in writing might help me sleep tonight.

Bush's Plan
This is my general synopsis of the plan. I may be a little off on the details but this is the general idea. The federal government is going to give each working individual a $600 rebate to help stimulate the economy. They are also going to give families $300 for each child. There was also something I heard about working couples getting $1200 so I'm not sure exactly what that means. I don't know if we will get $1200 because Adam's working plus $300 for each kid. Or is we'll just get $600 because I'm not working. Either way, I'll take the money if they're giving it. It will probably end up paying for a cast. They say that this plan will amount to more than $152 billion.

My Plan
I think a better plan would be to offer individuals between 50 and 57 $200 thousand a year for five years to retire early, with the stipulation that they can only save 20% of that money and the rest has to be put back into the economy with spending. This would accomplish Bush's plan of priming the economy but it would also provide more job availability and perhaps help in the future of elderly people because over the course of those five years, they should be able to put $100,000 in savings and pay for everything that they own. Ok, now I'm sure you are curious about the age range. Well, 1) it only needs to be a small segment of the population 2) An individual can start receiving early retirement benefits at 62 so that would give them at least five years until they'd be receiving any other money from the government. I'm sure that an economist could tear this apart. But, they can Bush's plan too and it's going to happen. So there you have it. So all of you important people that I have reading my blog ha! When you rub elbows with Mr. President. Send him to the little stay at home mom's blog. She's got it all figured out for him!

Now off to one of those dirty diapers.



Anonymous said...

I am kind of partial to Barack, but I would vote for you over Hillary anyday... :-)

Although I am rather excited about the rebate checks, (we're going to Disney world in October with it)... I do like your plan, and think that it makes total sense.

Did it help you get any sleep? :)
Love you.


Tambo said...

I read your blog about the pink paint. If it makes you feel better my Maggie did the same thing on our recliner about 2 weeks ago with Black Paint. If she had been the first dont know that there would have been another one.


Michael and Hannah said...

This is definitely out of my area of expertise!

Melissa said...

Found a website with some really cute stuff. Thought it might give you some inspiration for your new found talent!

If I want to send pics for some invites, where do I send them? I've got a one year old birthday party coming up first of May.

Anonymous said...

Ok, only problem is that most people (who are not notorious savers like mom and dad) would not save 20% and would live like rock stars for five years and then have the following years where they would lose everything that they bought until they could rely on the government again because they would have no job.
And Jay, Barack, seriously!!!???!!!
Love to the girls, Denise

Dana said...

Then the government could put 20% into a retirement plan for them. And are you coming on here and trying to pick a fight with my friends over politics? Don't worry Jay, she's from an older generation ;).

I love you, you right wing conservative.

Anonymous said...

LOL... Well, that's okay. I'm out-numbered in family too. I do really like him, and everytime I learn more, I like him more. Never really paid attention to any kind of politcis until this year, and now I can't pull myself away from the whole thing.

:) Sorry Denise! I guess we'll cancel each other's votes out on voting day.