Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things Update

I have lots of pictures to update but not lots of time. So, I'll get to those soon. But, it's been a while since I've done a post including some of the funny things that Emma has said and I've forgotten a couple of them so I wanted to get these down before I forget them too.

Emma loves getting mail. She anxiously waits to get the mail every day. The other day, we had received a bulletin from our old church. Emma asked if it was for her. I told her that it was kind of for the whole family and that she could open it if she liked. She opened it and looked at it and then said, "well, this doesn't interest me at all".

She also has a new favorite song. I'm assuming from the words that the title must be "When the Spanks Come Marching In" At first, I thought that maybe this song was a critique of my discipline. However, when I asked her what a spank was, she informed me that she wasn't sure because they were extinct.

Chloe News

Chloe was five months old yesterday. I will post a 5 month update complete with picture soon.



Anonymous said...

And they seem to say these things when you need a good laugh! I need to work on a blog to keep in touch and post my children's pictures.

Tammy English

Becky said...

that is hilarious! i was on the phone with tammy the other day and she was home with the flu and luke came in to see who i was talking to. i told him "mrs. tammy." and as always he wanted to know where she was and if we could go see them. i said "she's home with maggie. they have the flu." he said "she's sick?" i said yes. he said "can we go take care of them?"

i gave him a sticker for good behavior. good thing i had a witness.

Michael and Hannah said...

So funny! My mom and I speak to each other in movie lines. There's a line in the new Miracle on 34th Street where the little girl says, "and that doesn't thrill me at all." We say it all the time. I might have to borrow Emma's line now.