Sunday, January 06, 2008

Christmas 2007!

We left for Alabama on Christmas Eve. We were able to get pretty cheap tickets through Skybus so we flew to Chattanooga and dad came and picked us up there. We had a two hour drive on both ends but it still beat the 12 hours of driving we normally do. We opened presents from each other before we left. Keith and Lynn had bought a travel trailer so they camped out at a state park with Uncle Randy and Aunt Alice and came back and forth to my mom and dad's and we were able to stay in one place which was nice. Emma spent one night with them at the campground and did lots of fun stuff like go to a petting zoo. It was a short trip but like always, we squeezed a ton of stuff in including a brief trip to Montgomery to see our friends Tony and Susan and their new babies. I wasn't able to see any of my friends from high school or mine or Adam's grandmothers so the girls and I will be taking a trip back in Feb. I'm thinking it might time out where my friend Kristen has her baby while I'm there.

Chloe's first Christmas.... I have to say that since I've had Chloe, there has been one thing after another and my hope is now that the holidays are over, I can slow down and soak her up before she grows up on me. Since I'm a second child, I do a lot of thinking about keeping things even between the girls. I was little worried about Chloe following Emma since Emma was the first grandkid on Adam's side and the first granddaughter on my side. And also, Emma has such a fun loving personality that just seems to draw people to her. I will admit, they are definitely different. But I think Chloe stole everyone's heart. I know that you aren't supposed to brag on your own kids but this is my blog and I assume that one day, my kids will read this and I want them to know how special I think they are. Anyway, not to take anything away from Emma because she is absolutely wonderful in her own ways but, Chloe is the sweetest baby. She is so happy and easy going. She smiles all the time. When I was pregnant with her, I remember thinking that I hoped she was just like Emma because I couldn't imagine anyone being able to measure up to her. Now, I am so glad that God made them so unique. It's amazing how when you have that second child, your heart just automatically makes room for another one. And Emma has just been so sweet and loving to her. The way they love each other is beautiful. I've said it many times before but, I feel like when I became a mother, I became what God has always intended me to be. Who could ask for anything more?

I know that a few of you can't view the slide shows but if I post all of these pictures one by one, you will be scrolling forever. If you can't view the slide show and want to see some pictures from Christmas, let me know. I have tons of things on my mind that I've been wanting to post so hopefully I will be able to get things caught up around the house so I will have a little bit of time to do this while everyone else is sleeping.

I hope 2008 brings you as many blessings as 2007 did us!



Keith said...

Thanks for calling and letting me know the blog was up! I love the pictures and slide show. God has blessed me with the most wonderful family. You brought a great deal of joy to my heart today. I love you and the rest of your gang too!

Hugs and kisses to all from Papa.

Michael and Hannah said...

That's so funny that Chloe is losing hair in the same pattern... but she still has nothing on Anna Kate in the balding department! I love that thick black hair on top! I remember when AK was still shedding - every time she wore a white collar, I would try to count the tiny hairs on it and would lose track! She finally quit shedding and now her hair is coming back in, but just like with Wesley, it's so light you can barely see it. Anna Kate turns 6-months-old in 1 week, and she is dying for some rice cereal! I've never seen a baby so ready for solids - she watches every bite we put into our mouths! Her mean mommy has been holding out on her, though. Only 1 more week! I relate so much to your thoughts on motherhood and taking the time to cherish every child. Emma just seems like the perfect big sister - so very loving and helpful. I know she makes you so proud!