Monday, August 20, 2007

...And Yet Another Week Has Gone By

Yes it has been another week and still no Chloe. At least not on the outside though she makes me very aware of her presence on the inside. I went to the doctor this morning. She said that I'm almost 3 cm. dilated and her words were "and your cervix is ready". She gave me the option of going ahead and inducing this week but I told her I'd like to hold off another week and let her try to come on her own. This is going to sound a little silly but I kind of want the experience of the anticipation of going on my own. So, any day now or... next week.

Time to record a few things that Emma has said lately....

I was trying to get a picture to go on here and well.. I looked at the picture and of course looked bigger in it than I wanted to so I told Adam, "I think I'm going to change shirts". And here is mine and Emma's interaction:
Emma: Oh, you're fine the way you are
Me: Oh ok, I guess I'll just leave this shirt on then.
Emma: Well, I didn't mean you look fine. I meant um (stammers a little)
Me: laughs, well what exactly did you mean Emma
Emma: (stammers some more) Um, You're a great momma!
Now how is that for a politician in the making.

And then yesterday, she was talking to her preschool teacher at church (whom she adores). Adam walked up and said, "What are you doing talking to Mrs. Maidens? You don't love her". Emma touches Mrs. Maidens on the arm and says, "He's just being silly".

And last but definitely not least.... The other day she says to me, "Mom, you know what my favorite thing about you is"? I say, "What's that" She says, "You loving me".
I think that's my favorite thing about me too :)

Love from Above


Tony and Susan said...

I can't wait to have those kinds of Jonah and Claire interactions!!!

Anna said...

oh wow. emma is just amazing. haha, it's true. anyway, looking forward to chloe coming.. which i hope is soon! love you much.

Anonymous said...

I still love that family pics of y'all I hope I look that awesome when I'mm pregnant! I guess it would be kinda hard for y'all to come down to Florida with a newborn=( Good thing I didn't ask you to be in my wedding LOL! Hopefully I will get to see you all the next time y'all are down. Love and miss you tons!!!

jaybhouston said...

That made me cry. I miss you guys.

Michael and Hannah said...

Hey Dana... thanks for the blurb website! That's so exciting!!! That's exactly what I've been looking for! I have lots of friends that will be excited as well. This is the first time I've taken a peek at your blog. I can't believe how big Emma is!!! The last time I saw her was at the Church of Christ Night at the Tampa Bay Lightening game. She was just a baby then! I didn't realize that was so many years ago! Praying for a safe and healthy delivery for both you and Chloe.

becky said...

i was dying to get home to see who was still pregnant! good for you for waiting, even though you are "favorable". now your mom can be here like you planned after all!