Monday, July 16, 2007

What happens to a pregnant stomach

I hope you guys can handle a medical pencil drawing of a naked girl. I just had to show you what's happening to my stomach. No wonder I have heartburn. I knew that my stomach was squeezed but I didn't know it actually changed positions. I found this picture in this little anatomy book of Emma's. That's right, we went to a book store and I told her she could pick one book out the children's section and she picked an anatomy book. She's either going to be a doctor or an anatomy teacher. We're hoping for doctor. Anyway, just wanted to share this new found information.


Tony & Susan said...

That explains so much! Like why there is no room for a lot of liquids and it probably explains what is so painfully in my rib! Thanks for the info :).

Becky said...

and another wives tale is that if you have heartburn, the baby has a lot of hair! and i just left a nurse becky comment for s&t about everything being smushed and pushed upward! now she gets the picture...literally!