Friday, June 01, 2007

Ok, for all of you that are dying to see me fat.....

Ok, so since so many of you are requesting a pregnancy picture. Here it is. This was taken today. I'm 26 and a half weeks. I really need to work on my tan. We're back from our long trip to Alabama for Jan's wedding. My butt is still hurting from riding in the car so long with all of that weight on me. Other than that and feeling a little tired from the traveling, I'm feeling great. So far, last trimester is definitely better than the first. I have dr. appointment Monday. I'll do a real update after that. Love from Above!


becky said...

i'd hardly call that fat!! but you are too cute. i wish i was that cute when pregnant. i always look like a watermelon is sitting in my lap...or my butt!!

Anna said...

haha, you're not fat! just kind of plump. =) you're one of the cutest pregnant women i've ever seen. i thought you'd appreciate that.
i'm looking forward to this real update of yours.

love you much.