Saturday, March 17, 2007

Where have we been?

Well, I can answer that by saying that the majority of the last six to seven weeks, I have spent in the bathroom with morning sickness. Wait did I just say morning sickness? I mean all day long sickness. What lucky woman named it that? Every time I begin to think I'm getting past it, I catch a stomach virus. I have had two stomach viruses and a very bad upper respitory infection in the past six weeks. But somehow in the middle of all of that, we did manage to take a trip to Winterfest with the youth group. It was a good trip. Everyone did just as they were supposed to and everything went smoothly except for the near death experience we had in the Civic Center. Six thousand people in one room and a fire alarm starts going off. The worship team just keeps singing and we are all looking around trying to figure out if we should take this thing seriously or not. Adam and I decided that since we were in charge of other people's children, we were not going to take any chances. So we exited the building. Come to find out, there was a small fire in the kitchen of the civic center. One of our kids started a blog ring called, "Watershed tried to kill me" (watershed is the worship team) LOL. My parents met us in Gatlinburg to keep Emma during the youth rally and then Emma and I went back to Birmingham with them. We had a very nice trip even though we were sick the first week of it. The second week, we drove to Enterprise to see Adam's parents. We even made it to Panama City one day for a nice little day at the beach with my friend Pam and her boys. We left Enterprise the morning that the tornadoes came through to go shopping in Montgomery for dresses for Jan's wedding. To make a long story short, we made it back to my parents safely and we thank God for that. But, there were some people that weren't that lucky. Adam's parents are down there dealing with the aftermath from the tornado. A girl in their youth group was killed. Please pray for everyone there. On Saturday, my mom and my sister drove Emma and I to Nashville to meet Adam and our friend Matt after their week long class at Lipscomb. On the long drive home, I got pretty sick but we finally made it. I had a doctors appointment on the Monday after we got home and Emma and Adam went with me to hear the heartbeat. Everything looked good and somehow I had managed to gain back the few pounds I had lost being sick. Nothing a week or two of mom's home cooking couldn't take care of. So anyway, I had almost gotten things back together from our trip just in time to get hit with the rotavirus. To read about that, see the next post down.

15 weeks pregnant and counting!
Love from Above,


Anonymous said...

dana ellis you are a stronger woman than i think i will ever be.I dont now whats going on at home but i do know that yall have done some amazing things in our church and helped some young people see things a little bit clearer. You are an amazing mother but i see Jesus too much in you for you to not be using it. Keep doingwhat you do best and good luck with the little the way...I told mom about 2 weeks before..."mom i think if dana isnt pregnant now and not telling anyone she will be soon...its about time!" hah im just so stinking smart. Tell Emma she is such a brave girl and having an IV when your little makes you cool...i did too:) I will see you all in May!

Kristen said...

I am so glad that everyone is OK now. ;) I love you so much. All my love. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox