Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Create Your Own!

Create Your Own!

Our trip down south was wonderful. We went to my class reunion on the 23rd and then on down to the beach where the weather was beautiful. I must say that we have such great friends and a wonderful families. It was so nice to see everyone. Now we're back in time to see the beautiful falls that we have in WV.


Anonymous said...

hey!! I'm glad you guys had fun on vacation! We missed you guys up here though!! I'm glad your back! I love you!


Anna said...

yay for the update =) anyway, it looks like you had a whole lot of fun on your vacation. but i must say i'm very happy you're home now. i missed you guys! i love you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture show. We loved seeing you guys. Sorry Emma has to be spoiled a little when grandparents are around. But! it is our job.

Love ya all