Sunday, March 19, 2006

Baby Saturn

TWO COMMENTS? TWO COMMENTS? All you people give me is two comments? Well, Emma said something really funny tonight so I'm going to share it with you even though you only left TWO COMMENTS. Ok, a couple of girls from the youth group were here and I was trying to get Emma to show off the recent things she had learned. I asked her what planet we lived on and Emma said "The Earth". I asked her what planet had a ring around it and she said, "Saturn" Then, Sam asked her what planet was the smallest and she said, "I don't know, Baby Saturn?". Also, she has started using the word "properly" all the time. I had put a movie in for her to watch during small groups and she came in the living room telling me, "it isn't working properly". Also, after she went to the bathroom, I asked her if she wiped and she said, "not properly". I don't know where she got that from. Well, it's short but sweet. Got to get some homework done.

Love from Above,


PS: Need more COMMENTS


Anna said...

now you can't be mad at me dana! i was one of the people that left you a comment thank you very much =P haha emma was hilarious today. it cracked me up when she was upset that she couldn't go to disneyworld. lol anyway... i'm really excited about thsi week! =) even though you still have school... hahahaha. i love you so much! =)

Anonymous said...

haha baby saturn..shes too funny! You guys should take her to Disney ; ) love you! - sam

Anonymous said...

Hi - The wheelbarrow poem is pretty dumb, but you seem to be doing great in school - English and History! I'm glad Emma says something about grandparents every once in a while because almost our every sentence is about her. We miss you all very much, and as soon as I'm out of school, I'm sure you will be sick of us. 54 days until graduation! "Baby Saturn" may be out there somewhere, and if so it probably is the smallest planet. Now we can add astronomy to Emma's subjects of expertise. - Lynn

Anonymous said...

emma's wealth of knowledge for a 2 year old makes luke look like a mute knot on a log! too cute!!

BASSakward Tales said...

I went to college with Adam and Becky. I read both of your blogs almost daily. I do love the stories of Emma. I have two children, and they will catch you off guard every time. You and Adam are doing a wonderful work at your church. God bless both of you as you work in God's field.

Ginny B.

Kristen said...

Too cute. I can't wait to see you again.

21 weeks until Garritt comes home! Can you believe it?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dana I finally got my site working. I now see you have six comments just thought I'd make it seven.

Love ya

Phil said...

Your blantant begging will not garner any comments from me.

Oh, wait....

Anna said...

well, you got a few comments, so now i think you should update!=P love you dana

BASSakward Tales said...

I wanted to copy you on the post I put on Adam's blog today. I have learned more about Adam and Tony in the past month than I knew the whole time I was in Troy. I am so happy and proud of both of you. I never got to meet you, but I am sure you are a wonderful asset to Adam.
This is the post!
Absolutely awesome! I had the privilege of speaking to a youth group last night. It is amazing that so many times we as people in a helping profession think that our thoughts and teachings fall on deaf ears. But it is like we have always heard, "If we reach one person we have done something great." Keep up the good work!