Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Quick Update

So it turns out that I'm not as much as of multitasker as I had once thought. Turns out that college student, mother, and youth minister's wife is quite a role to fill. Anyway, I don't have much time. I have class in an hour. But my mother keeps telling me to make sure that I record all of the cute and funny things that Emma says because though it seems like I will remember forever, it is inevitable that I will forget. So, I didn't want these to slip by.

Yesterday, she woke up and looked at the window and said, "oh no, it's snowing". Adam said, "I thought you liked snow". Emma said, "I like princesses".

Today, as she was strutting around in her Cinderella costume, I told her to put something up in her room. She then with quite a little attitude, went into the bathroom and shut the door. I opened the door and gave her a little smack on the bottom and she then informed me that she was Cinderella and Cinderella doesn't get spankings. Oh goodness she's sassy.

Well Happy Valentine's Day!

Love from above,



Jay Houston said...

That is funny, Sarah Jane loves princesses too, but she likes Sleeping Beauty (which she pronounces as Sleepin' Geauty). Speaking of Emma shutting herself in the bathroom, Sarah Jane did the same thing, except the door was locked (I don't know how that happened)... I had to pry the door open with a butterknife to get her out of there, it was awful.

Becky said...

attitude comes in both genders. sometimes when the mood is right, if I get onto Luke about something, he runs to his room and slams the door. drama. that always wins him a nice little swat.

Anna said...

oh my.. children these days start young. i thought we teens were bad =P love you dana!

Anonymous said...

dana, i love you so much. our time together was really great and it meant a lot. :)


Hannah said...

hey!! Winterfest was a lot of fun! I had fun talking and hanging out with you!! I love you a lot!!


Joshua White said...

hey dana how are things. saw you at winter fest and it brought yall back it memories. those were some good times and i still miss you, adam, and the once small emma. i hope every thing is going good. tell adam that i miss talking to him. ask him to e-mail me @ JDWPC@knology.net. so we can come back into contact. i am doing well school is going good. has emma started school. just wanted to come back into contact. Joshua White