Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Potty Training

How is it that I'm the only one having trouble sleeping?

Picture: Emma and Connor at MOPS

I've always wanted to be a mother. Most things have come very naturally to me. It's like I'm finally becoming what God has always intended me to be. And then, potty training... God has a funny way of keeping us humble.. Emma is a very smart kid. She has been calling her skin her epidermis for a year now. She can name all of her body parts. She can name about five of her body parts in Spanish. She knows her ABC's. She can pick most of them out when she sees them written. She can count. She knows all her colors. And, she can explain to me in essay format why doesn't need to use the potty. Yesterday, I said, "Emma do you need to TT in the potty"? Her reply, "I don't want to right now". I said, "Emma, big girls TT in the potty". She says, "I don't care". So then she TT's in her underwear and says to me, "It's ok momma, I can change into dry underwear". I will like to say here that I think a lot of mothers rewrite history with their children. It's funny to me that I know so many mothers who say their children were potty trained by two but I know several, several two year olds at the moment and not one of them are potty trained. I feel very fortunate to be living in a place where people move slower. Seriously, that's frustrating when you are going through a fast food drive through that isn't at all fast, but when it comes to potty training, the pressure is off. Most people here don't even start until closer to three and alot of their children aren't trained until more like four. I like that. I sort of look at it like this: Once she's potty trained, that's the end of her not having responsibilities. And that's the beginning of growing up. And I want to keep her a little girl as long as possible. So there, now it's in writing I won't be able to say, years down the road, that she was potty trained early.

Yesterday, we went to our first day of MOPS. I absolutely loved it!! Emma loved it too! It was so much fun. For those of you that don't know, MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. It's a Christian based organization. The kids go to their own classes and do crafts and games and a bible study and the mom's do the same thing.

Funny Things Emma has said:

Adam and I were reading the story about Adam and Eve to her the other night. When we got done, she said, "Now let me read it to you". She opened up the book and said, "Adam and Eve, don't eat the fruit".

Yesterday after MOPS, we were eating lunch with Adam and I told Emma that we were going home to take a nap. She took my face between her hands and said, "Honey, don't say that".

She is staying with my parents this weekend. We are going to the Zoe Conference in Nashville and mom is going to drive up to Nashville to get her. When I told Emma this she said, "I'm going to Nonna's, you stay here".

Last but not least: She told me, "Connor has a baby brother, I want a baby sister". You people are about to see that she doesn't get everything she wants.

YOUTH GROUP: I'm loving it so much. Last night we had Heart to Heart and we discussed how we were going to decorate the youth house. We are going to go with charcoal, light gray, and aqua. I'm really excited about getting started. We have such a great group. They are growing in so many ways. I think they have a few growing pains along the way every now and then but I think God has great things in store for this group. "I thank God every time I remember them".

Well, I guess that's it for now.

Love from Above,



Anna said...

Hey Dana! Haha Emma is one hilarious girl! I'm really sad I couldn't go to Heart to Heart. I heard it was very good..and you played DDR!!!! Ahh man. Hopefully I won't have something else I have to go during the next one. Love you and can't wait for tomorrow!


Furtive Soul said...

Well, Well, Well. A genuine mother who lives for her daughter. I couldn't find much that would be more interesting. I don’t know you from anything, but from this single blog I can see that you truly love your daughter. Through it all, I think from what you have mentioned of her, that she is a wise child, and most definitely she is smart and intelligent with a smirk of humor, which all is amazing for a young child like her. Looks like your doing a fabulous job at raising her! Honestly! I know that my mother wasn't ever devoted to me like that, and I suppose that one day form all the things and God above I will raise a child and be as successful as you have managed to be. Keep the good work up. God Bless. And by the way, Emma is a very cute little girl.

Furtive Soul said...

Well, as my last reply, I must thank you for such a nice message and your kind comments as well. I was pleased to see that you had mentioned you would drop by every now and then to see my posts and what I am doing. That's appreciated much. You had mentioned you high school graduation being a time of your life - really. I could most definately relate to that one. I just recently graduated back in May and that was a nice accomplishment. I graduated with Honors. The quote that you had said to your mother {"Whatever I'm doing a year from now is going to be different than everything I've done for the last 13 years of my life."} I can truly relate to!! I was surprised to see that I understood exactly what you had meant. I know that will be true as long as I do my best and keep God on my side. I know that without Him I probably wouldn't be in the great position I'm in now. I am in-between all that and it seems as though it is like being between a rock and a hard place. lol. But I know everything will work out with Faith. Sure that caffine will keep ya up.You have a great day yourself! God Bless. And once again, Thank You.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say i love you!

<3 linda