Monday, September 26, 2005

Emma has been sick the last couple of days. She threw up yesterday. But, I cleaned her up and gave her lots of hugs and popsicles and she's feeling better now. I need some rest before I can really update. Until then... Enjoy the pictures grandparents

Picture 1: Emma sick on the couch. You know if she was still long enough for me to get her picture laying on the couch, she wasn't feeling good.

Picture 2: Emma and Kylee (girl in the youth group) Emma loves her teenagers.

Love from above,



Jan said...

Poor Baby! I hope you feel better soon Emma! Dana... I hope you get some rest.

Love you!
Aunt Jan

Anna said...

Dana Bo Bana.. haha. Hope Emma feels better. Thanks for taking me to the game yesturday and finally leaving me that comment! Now IT won't have to come get you.=-D

Kristen said...

Oh Emma! I hope you feel better baby! I love you.

Dana, call me! I love you, Kristen