Monday, August 29, 2005

Terrific Two's

Terrific Twos

Since I have shared some of the more challenging moments we’ve had lately, I thought I would share some sweet ones. Emma has this “I love you” thing down. I bet she says it 20 times a day. Sometimes, she says, “I love you sooo much”. Adam gives us both kisses and hugs and tells us he loves us when he leaves for work. For a while now, Emma has been following him to the door saying she needs more hugs and kisses. Recently, she has begun saying, “Momma needs more hugs and kisses too”. Isn’t it amazing the need even a two year old has to see her parents loving each other. We both had a laugh the other night when she got up into her chair while I was fixing dinner and exclaimed, “Delicious!!” I was also touched when I snuck up on her playing with her dollhouse and she was making momma and daddy dance. Yes, I love being a mommy.

Thank you God for blessing me so greatly!

Love from Above,



Hannah said...

I love u Dana!! Your the best!!

Anonymous said...

Youre posts are telling my brain that I may have a child one day...STOP!!! just kidding. love you.

<3 Lindsey

Jay said...

I can't believe that Emma used to look like this... she has always been adorable. I love this picture, it is amazing how much she has grown.